Modular Test Bench

Modular Test Bench

3mm grained, A5052.

Two part modular/sliding Test Bench. The bottom pan is slid under the bottom flanges of the shell and screwed in with 6-32 screws.

Pan: 2 x HDD Slot locations 3 x SSD Slot locations 1 x Hybrid 240/280mm Pan Rad Locations (Directly below CPU) 1 xPSU bracket with 3" left to right movement

Shell: 2 x Hybrid 240/280mm Rad/Fan locations on either side of the shell 1 x Vandal PC Switch cutout 1 x GPU Nesting Bracket 1 x 120/140mm Fan/Rad Bracket adjustable 3" left to right on either side of the shell 9 x Cutouts for cable ties/Cable Management Rough dimensions are 15.5" x 13" x 7", not counting the GPU, single Fan/Rad Bracket, or plastic feet.